Oh, you fancy, huh?

oaks_n_acorns_fancy_hair_tea_partyToday Juno and my sister are headed to a Fancy Hair & Tea Party. This is actually part of a belated birthday gift — on their birthdays, the kids get to have some special one-on-one time with their aunt while their mother gets to lie on the couch, watch soap operas and eat bon-bons scrub the toilet without an audience.

I’ve been talking it up with Juno over the last few days. Here is a transcript of our latest conversation:

Me: “Juno! Today you’re going to your fancy tea party with Auntie Megan!”

Juno: “Drums.”

Me: “No, sweetie, but you’ll have fancy food and you’ll get to use beads to make necklaces and bracelets and your hair will be soooo elegant.”

Juno: “No. Just drums. And Grandma and Grampa and Pumpkin and Casey and Auntie Megan.”

And then she got down from the table and walked away, as if ranking two dogs — one living, one deceased — ahead of my sister wasn’t a strong enough conclusion.


  1. I have been making jewelry for years ! I hope she likes it! Breeds creativity!

Sure, it costs $90K, but it comes with seven free cavities.

Sure, it costs $90K, but it comes with seven free cavities.


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