Kindergarten, schmindergarten

ambulance_amputationThe other day, Seve came home for lunch, at the same time that two fire trucks and an ambulance were pulling up, a few doors down.  We had a conversation about why fire trucks might show up even if there’s no fire, about first aid and first responders, and why the trucks left but the ambulance stayed.

And then he had something to explain to me:

Me: … so if it turns out it was a medical emergency and not a fire, the paramedics will stay to help the person, and take them to the hospital if the situation is serious.

Seve: I used to be a paramedic when I was younger.

Me: Really?  When was that?

Seve: When I was ten years old. (Note to new readers: he’s four)

Me: Well, you know, you have to go to school for a long time to be a paramedic.

Seve: Oh, I went to school.

Me: You did?  When did you do that?

Seve: On a Friday, Wednesday, 11:30, August.

Me: Oh, okay.  I guess maybe I was busy that day.

Seve: Yeah, it was a very busy day.


  1. Brilliant!!! Aren’t kids fascinating? I often wonder what is going on in those little heads that brings this stuff out. Whatever it is, I love it.

    • It’s so neat to watch. He’s really into time concepts right now, wants to know what day of the week it is, the names of birthday months, when the sun will set. Not fully grasping things yet, but very curious!

  2. Shoes Summerfield says:

    as an EMT…i find that FASCINATING!!
    Heck of a story, and I think I do remember him in class on Wednesday…just for the record, he’s a straight A student…lol

  3. Nothing can put a smile on one’s face like a kid and the things they say.

  4. I remember when I was four and we moved to a new neighborhood. I was riding my bike and a neighbor kid asked me how long we’d lived there and I said, “11 years.” Time has no meaning for 4-year-olds, does it?

  5. Wow, I wanna go to school where he goes! Think of all the careers we could try out…

  6. Haha! Love it!

  7. Precious!!!! Better than anything we could make-up…because they really believe what they’re saying! Ha! I love it! Every moment he’s telling you what his talents and interests are! Listen carefully and see his future!! My son knew all the lines to every Disney movie, and totally immersed the whole family in everything that pertained to the most recent flick…Now he acts and does Improv…

    • That’s so neat! He’s very much into “emergency services” stuff right now, but I can’t yet tell if that’s a vocational interest or just normal four-year-old fascinations. Time will tell!

      • Yup, keep watching…’cause at that age they’re soooo totally uncensored…really…anything’s possible in their eyes!! And even peer pressure hasn’t set in…I never allowed my son to consider what others say he can’t do…Our God is a BIG God…Dream BIG!

        Merry Christmas to you guys!!

  8. It’s great that you are recording these little conversations. They will be precious memories in the future.

    • Thanks. The best are the conversations he is now having with his sister. I can’t even make out all of what they’re saying, but as long as they’re talking and not yelling, I’m happy.

  9. Seve sounds like a brilliant genius to me! I can already tell what his career will be, and it will not be in EMS. This little guy is a WRITER!

    • As his mother, it’s my contractual obligation to dream that he’ll have a job with fantastic benefits and a great pension plan. Failing that, a career as a writer is not a bad option. :-)

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I think we can all agree that life is but one ceaseless test and that I am single-handedly responsible for pulling down the average.

I think we can all agree that life is but one ceaseless test and that I am single-handedly responsible for pulling down the average.


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