A(nother) Mother’s Day reminder

(This was originally posted last year.  It’s still true, you cheap bastard.)

I have some fairly well-entrenched views when it comes to Mother’s Day, as in it should be celebrated, and let’s please be polite about it.

And I know we’re months away from the 2013 edition — May 12, take note! — but I want to give readers ample time to consider the handy-dandy flowchart I’ve compiled, which neatly answers the question: Should you buy the mother of your child/ren a Mother’s Day present?



  1. Now that Seve is in school, surely a treasure will be forthcoming, besides the hug. Love Gma

  2. this will never stop being awesome

  3. This was great. I will certainly send you a gift. Here it comes…. ***Big Smiles*** Thank you for sharing, that made my night.

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Let’s just skip ahead to #9, shall we?

Let’s just skip ahead to #9, shall we?


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